Blogpost #4

Hello humans for the fourth time. Today I will be discussing my photos:

This is my cat Migi or Stubbs in natural lighting. Yes I know he looks majestic, gorgeous, and beautiful. I really like the natural lighting because it makes his golden fur really stand out and like he has an aura.

This is also my cat Migi. This time he is lit with a mix between natural lighting and flash. I like this one because it brings out his eyes, but I don’t like how his fur loses some of the majesty it had in the pure natural lighting photo.

This is my cat Oreo or Mr. Handsome in natural lighting. I don’t like the lighting as much on him as I did on Migi. I think his ear looks very cute lit up but he fur absorbs most of the light except for his white paws (he has cute little sockies) which I think look pretty cool with the light.

Finally this is my cat Destroyer or Denise. She is my babygirl. She was not the happiest with me using the flash on her. But this was my pure flash photo. I am definitely not a fan of just the pure flash. She looks weird and I think her fur looks to bright and it is just not as high quality as the other photos.

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